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~ Log Cabin Pool Tables ~
Hand-Crafted Masterpieces 
     last updated ~ September 17 2014
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Rustic Billiards, Billiard Equipment & Supplies, Lincoln, NE


 Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear ~ Pine Log Cabin Table

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Wild West

Wild West ~ Oak Log Cabin Pool Table
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Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack
Pine Log Cabin Table

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Gun Smoke 
log cabin pool tables

log style pool table

Gun Smoke ~ Barn Wood Pool Table
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featured in a Magnificant MT Mountain Resort






Ponderosa ~ Pine Log Pool Table
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 Rustic Billiard
Rustic Billiards ~ Pine Log Pool Table
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log cabin tables
Outback ~ Log Pool Table
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Six Shooter

log pool tables
Six Shooter ~ Pine Log Pool Table
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Sunset ~ Red Cedar Log Pool Tablee
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Yellowstone ~ White Cedar Log Pool Table
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Smoky Mountain 
Smokey Mountains ~ Iron Wood Log Pool Table
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Log Cabin
Log Cabin ~ Oak Log Cabin Pool Table
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Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountains ~ Pine Log Cabin Pool Table
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Lodge Pole
Lodge Pole ~ Pine Log Pool Table

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Wilderness ~ Barnwood Pool Table  
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Whichever log cabin pool table you choose on this page,
the same quality and construction goes into each and every table, so pick the style you like with confidence knowing it is the very best!




 log cabin pool tables

8' Tables
Inside Dimensions aprox. 44" x 88"
outside dimensions aprox. 57" x 101"

9' Tables
Inside Dimensions aprox. 50" x 100"
Oustide Dimensions aprox. 63" x 113"

Recommended Billiard Room Size

See if your Room is large enough for an 8' Table

When using this cue length.

Minimum Room Size
42" cues 11'2" x 14'10"
48" cues 12'2" x 15'10"
52" cues 12' 10' x 16' 6"
57" cues 13' 8" x 17' 4"

See if your Room is large enough for an 9' Table
When using this cue length. Minimum Room Size
42" cues 11'8" x 15'10"
48" cues 12'8" x 16'10"
52" cues 13' 4" x 17' 6"
57" cues 14' 2" x 18' 4"

See if your Room is large enough for an 7' Table
When using this cue length. Minimum Room Size
42" cues 10'9" x 14'
48" cues 11'9" x 15'
using 52" cues 12'5" x 15' 8"
57" cues 13' 3" x 16' 6"



Features of our Log Pool Tables
1" Brazilian Slate
The most popular and best pool table slate in the world!

Tournament Cushions

Sanctioned Cushions are top of the line and used in most BCA tournaments, and are rated for the s
ame bounce for 40,000 hours of pool play, you won't have to worry about ever wearing these out!

21 Oz Titan Championship Fabric.
21oz - standard for all tables and most popular by home owners, 99% of our tables go out with 21 oz felt.
19oz and 20oz faster clothe also available for $150.00 & $100.00 respectively, not recommended for your recreational players.

Felt Colors
The Richest and Most Popular Colors
Burgundy  or Bottle Green  Felt are the most popular by far.t from Us
Lodges, Log Home Designing Firms, Cabin Owners, 2nd Home Owners, Church Camps,
Hotels, Major TV Networks, Military Branches, and Museums have all bought from


Quality One of a Kind Log Pool Tables

Our craftsmen have extensive antique furniture knowledge, proven construction techniques and exquisite craftsmanship, we take great pride in tables handcrafted with expert accuracy and loving care. Custom woodworking using a variety of proven old-fashioned construction techniques in order to create that perfect pool table, ie. half-blind to sliding dovetails, mortise-and-tendon, and bowlock joints, these unique pieces are built tough and are as reliable as quality antiques from yesteryear were and still are. We not a production company and proud of it!

Our logs are thouroughly dried before the building process begins, which is needed to build quality log style furniture and homes.  Drying allows the logs to achieve normal cracking, which yields maximum strength and quality for log furniture or log cabins.  Some additional minor cracking especially in dryer climates again is perfectly normal and actually adds to the beauty of a natural hand-crafted piece of furniture. 

We have BCA certified installers in all 50 states, so professional installation can be done where ever you live, and if you already have an installer in mind we are more than happy to work with them as well.

Old World Technology

We hand draw knife all edges of our accent logs, handles, tops, doors, and drawer fronts.  A draw knife is a traditional hand tool composed of a metal blade with a handle on each side.  Our woodworkers pull or draw the blade towards themselves to shape or scallop the edges of the pine wood.




Some tables may be in stock, please call 402.438.4398

Due to the one of a kind distinct handcraftsmanship put into each and every
rustic log pool table please have patience and expect a minimum of 3-4 weeks for a
table of this quality and grandeur to be made, however we constantly have tables in
process and a few in stock so please contact us if you would like us to check for you.

We typically have a few tables in the making or in stock so give us a call and we'll let you know what we have, which may speed things up by weeks!

Contact us today for the custom table of your dreams!

Rustic Billiards, Billiard Equipment & Supplies, Lincoln, NE


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Breathtaking Handcrafted Log Pool Tables

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